Friday, September 2, 2011

The Day You Realize What is More Important

    Life is stellar over here in the tri-state area where we live. Not the movie type of stellar, but the real life, hard work, earning the rewards we reap kind of stellar. It's lovely because I know that some of the wonderful things we have now can never be taken from us. We have things like self worth, the knowledge that no matter what happens we can make it work together, and a bright future that we have some control over. We are working hard to get where we want to be, and that in and of itself is rewarding even if we don't get exactly where we plan to be.
    All that aside we obviously still have a little bit of drama in our lives. It's inevitable when you interact with other people. Even that is calming down. Chris is getting ready for school and I'm really settling into this career of mine, while considering the next step in my education. Everything is going better than we originally expected.
    Then we got some news that brought us back to earth. It feels like bad stuff hits harder when things are going great, and when it's close to home. When it's both of those things it can really hurt. I'm afraid I won't get into specifics here because it is so early and so private, but suffice it to say that awful news really makes you consider what is actually important. Petty quips and annoying people seem more insignificant than before when you're reminded of the more important things in life.
    For Chris and I, this is the first hard thing of this genre we've been through. I know we can get through it, no matter the outcome, if we have each other. In the mean time my prayers are exactly where they need to be, and all that space in my mind that was taken up by people I couldn't stand has been cleaned out for the things I need to be considering.