Thursday, August 27, 2015

Results of Gay Marriage

     Gay marriage passed on Friday June 26th. It is now two months later and I have shocking news. I'm not married to a gay woman.

      My marriage didn't dissolve. I didn't suddenly find myself attracted to women. The apocalypse didn't occur. The nation has not crumbled. Nobody spontaneously combusted. My husband didn't start frequenting gay bars and picking up men. He hasn't found himself disinterested in our marriage in favor of the company of men. In short, nothing changed.
     Here's what has happened. There are thousands of couples that, should they choose to pursue marriage, have the same rights I do. There are people that can sit at the bed side of their partner if they are injured or ill. People can distribute property upon their death appropriately. Mostly, people can finally be equal in the eyes of the law.

      Second step? Convincing the churches to recognize these beautiful unions so that the faithful can have equal marriages. Good luck with that, religion.

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